Creation residence 2021

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Nave Ágora launches its 3rd call for those willing to participate in its Creation Residence, to be held from August to December 2021, in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

This call is primarily aimed at artists, researchers and cultural managers from all around the world, who are interested in carrying out their creations, productions and research during a residence of up to 8 weeks in Nave ÁgoraCultural Space-Laboratory of Civic and Community Innovation.

The Creation Residence includes:
  • Accommodation: individual private room (with a comfortable bed) and bathroom.
  • Meals: a variety of supplies and ingredients are included so that residents can cook according to their preferences.
  • Transfers: by car from and to the international airport or arrival and departure bus terminal.
  • Access to shared work areas: kitchen-dining room, classroom-workshop, audiovisual studio and multipurpose large-room. It should be noted that these spaces circulate assorted people in processes of creation, production and research; in constant link with the community.

  • Access to equipment, tools, furniture and other resources:
    • Sound Art Laboratory: home studio for recording, editing and mixing sound.Equipment and materials for the different stages of the audio chain.
    • Audiovisual and Multimedia Laboratory: editing island, lighting, video and photography room.
    • Interaction Laboratory: electronics store, computer and body-machine interfaces. Devices with Linux, Windows, OSX and Android systems.
    • Laboratory of Mechanisms and Machines: 3D printer, warehouse of tools and machines for the construction, assembly and prototyping.
    • Graphics and Printing Laboratory: color printer, high speed black and white printer, scanner, shablon for screen printing, engraving press.
    • Library
    • Monitoring and project tutoring.

  • One Open Doors Day for: Exhibition - Dissemination of processes and results.

  • One Cultural-Ecological Immersion Experience per week, guided by the Nave Ágora team, among which are:
    • Expedition through Buenos Aires, urban, suburban, or neighboring rural areas (Pampean fields).
    • Navigation through the Río de la Plata, rivers and islands of the Delta del Tigre (sailboat or kayak).
    • Tour of a nearby ecological reserve.
    • Visit to a traditional or emerging cultural space.

  • Linkage with other cultural and academic spaces and projects in Buenos Aires and Argentina.
  • High speed Wi-Fi internet.
  • Bikes.
  • Individual lockers with key.
  • Terrace.
  • Grill.
  • Garden pots for urban orchard.

Selection of proposals:

For the selection of proposals will be especially considered those that could link arts, technologies and sciences, and ponder and work on some of the critical thematic axes of Nave Ágora:
  • Digital Culture
  • Psychology, Mind Sciences and Neurosciences.
  • Conscientious and Critical Technological Appropriation.
  • Open Science.
  • Arts and Community.
  • Commitment and Civic Cooperation.
  • Collective intelligence.
  • Re-appropriation and redefinition of public space.
  • Food Sovereignty
  • Environmental care.
  • Alternative Economies, Fair Trade and Financial Education.
  • Responsible and Conscious Consumption.
  • Gender equality.

During the proposal evaluation process, applicants may be contacted for a virtual interview.

Important dates and work schedule:
  • Application period: March 15 to April 30, 2021.
  • Evaluation of proposals: May 1 to 15, 2021.
  • Communication of selected projects: May 20, 2021.
  • Creation Residences: August to December 2021.

Kind of participation:

  • Social Contribution: it is expected that in all cases residents can offer the community an open and free activity of dissemination and social linking: a talk, a workshop or some other process of reflection, training or collective creation.


The residence calls for creators, researchers and cultural managers who have their own or institutional funds (scholarships and/or other types of support).
The selected candidates can request our acceptance letter in order to be presented to their academic, cultural organisms, etc., that require it.

Fee per person:​

  • Per week: 550 USD.
  • Per month: 1900 USD.
  • Latin American: 20% discount.

Covid-19 pandemic:

  • During the Covid-19 Pandemic, Nave Ágora is in charge of managing immigration permits with the relevant local authorities so that foreign citizens can enter Argentina and remain in the country for the period of residence.
  • We carry out this management from here and in coordination with other local governments, residents and institutions of their countries of origin.
  • Nave Ágora and its residents undertake to comply with national and international health protocols for arrival and stay in the country.
  • Residents must have a valid Covid-19 Insurance for the period of residence.
More information:
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